Strain Measurement

Strain, Load, Temperature and Displacement Data Measurement

Strain Measurement service feautres:


  • 24 bit analog to digital converter capable of 1000 scan/second/channel (not multiplexed)
  • Oversampling rate of 128K samples/second/channel
  • 0.5 με resolution for strain,  1 °C resolution for temperature  and 100 µV resolution for high level channels recording
  • On board 1/4 bridge completion for 120Ω, 350Ω and 1000 Ω strain gauges.
  • 60Ω to  5000Ω half and full bridges.
  • Strain, temperature, load and displacement all monitored and recorded under the same system for both static and dynamic strain test, stress test and strain measurement application. 
  • up to 64 channels can be scanned and recorded simultaneously.
  • each channel can be configured for strain, displacement,  temperature, load or high level input.
  • Rosette strain test data reduction and stress analysis capability with the software to compare with FEA.
  • output channels can be configured to trigger event.
  • Calibrated system with NIST tractability.
  • Shunt calibration, balancing and temperature compensation capability.
  • Ethernet network architecture and a reliable TCP-based protocol  to prevent data loss.
  •  Low pass anti alias filters at 500 Hz  
  • Optimized for long term strain test and can be installed at remote area with battery powered equipment

Learn More about our Strain Measurement Service

If you require a data acquisition system capable of measuring, strain, temperature, displacement or load data we have all equipment and tools required to do the job!

We will install, configure and program state of art data acquisition system at your site to measure and record test data at high speed samples.

No matter how many channels and how long you require the equipment we have you covered!

we could also help you with test plan preparation and test report.