Accuratio provides Experimental Stress Analysis and strain gauge installation and measurement services based on foil and semi conductor Strain Gauges.

Established in Ontario, Canada our technical team has over 20 years of experience in installation, calibration and servicing Strain Gauges and related precision transducers to measure strain, load, torque and pressure for Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Automotive Industries and Educational Institutes.

Accuratio is providing strain gauge installation and measurement services to industries in both product development and  failure analysis phase to properly measure product’s strain and determine cause of its failure or to confirm product design requirements.

Our team can provide rapid strain gauge installation and strain measurement service at the customer’s site or deliver instrumented parts to our customers.

We’re equipped with micro sand blasting equipment to safely  prepare all material surfaces for  proper strain gauge installation projects. In addition we have access to thermal oven with computer temperature controller to properly attach strain gauges that require high temperature curing.

Accuratio owns and operates state of art data acquisition systems and strain gauge installation tester to check and verify each installation.

We are expert in PCB strain measurement and will provide PCB strain gauge installation and test service per IPC/JEDEG-9704 guiltiness.

We can help our customers to conduct strain, temperature, load and displacement measurement and record up to 1000 sample per second of  data at the highest accuracy. Our equipment can sample data at 128K samples per second per channel.

 Accuratio is committed to take on clients toughest technical challenge and deliver the right solution, flawlessly executed. 

No project is too small or big for us. Please contact us at to find how our expertise would help your product development or strain measurement projects.