• Provides strain gauge installation service anywhere on short time notice
  • Cover all industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Mining and any R&D project big or small
  • Static or Dynamic Strain Measurements
  • Ambient or Environmental
  • All materials from all types of metals to plastics and composites.
Accuratio On Site Strain Gauge Installation
Accuratio On Site Strain Gauge Installation Service

The Advantage of using ACCURATIO On Site Installation Service:

  • Our Technical Staff have vast experience installing strain gauges on all types of material exposed to hard environmental challenges.
  •  Our Technical Staff are fully trained and certified to carry out strain gauge installation with all different types of adhesives.
  • Accuratio is independent company and can provide information to obtain the best products for your strain measurement application regardless of strain gauge manufacturer.
  •  Accuratio ensures our clients have the clear understanding of the limitation and challenges of strain measurement and will provide best solution for each project.
  • Accuratio take care to ensure that our customer is protected by guaranteeing project confidentiality.

Measuring strain using strain gauges is the most reliable method to measure loads, weight, torque and mechanical stresses that has been long established and used throughout industries.

Aerospace industry being the pioneer of strain measurement techniques, has long benefited from the reliable data that a small and cheap strain gauge can provide. This achievement has been used through industries and today remains the fundamental step toward introduction of a new products or investigate failures.

For the newly developed product or to perform a failure analysis for in the production products, measuring strain will provide the most accurate data only if strain gauge has been installed correctly. while strain gauges measure relatively small quantity in the range of 10 -6  or + 1 micro strain in material displacement, this measurement could be greatly effected by error in installation or measurement techniques.

The installation of strain gauge requires meticulous attention to details such as property of  substrate material, temperature and environmental condition, bonding method and surface preparation of the material. in addition, mechanical performance of glue, strain gauge matrix and measurement technique can vastly influence the outcome of strain data.

Accuratio, throughout years of experience providing strain gauge installation and measurement for aerospace, oil and gas, automotive and other industries has gained expert understanding of what requires to perform a proper strain measurement project.

we offer capabilities and expert service for all type of strain gauge installation including:

  • High temperature and cryogenics application.
  • Ceramic Cement adhesive application.
  • weldable strain gauges application.
  • Fatigue and creep strain gauge application.
  • static and dynamic application.
  • composite and exotic material application.
  • polymers and high elongation material application.
  • concrete (embedded and surface) and reinforced concrete columns application.
  • residual strain measurement application.

in addition to on site installation of strain gauges (foil, free filament and semi conductor) Accuratio offers its expert service in installation of:

  • Crack propagation and crack indicator gauges to measure and indicate crack.
  • Thermocouples and RTD to measure temperature.
  • LVDT and POTs to measure displacement.

all strain and crack gauges, thermocouples, LVDT’s and other transducers installed by Accuratio will be thoroughly tested and confirmed both by our expert staffs and clients to ensure all steps have been completed prior to start a strain measurement project.

All strain gauges will be calibrated, zeroed and balanced  using state of art equipment and will be connected to a data acquisition system of client’s choice.

Accuratio will provide bridge completion for 1/4, 1/2  bridge circuitry and temperature compensation bridges if required.


The Advantage of using ACCURATIO Off Site Strain Gauge Installation Service:

  • Cover all industries and products that can be shipped.
  • Fully equipped laboratory with ESD protection to work with all types of electronics and PCB’s.
  • Specialized working with microscopic strain gauges installation.
  • Equipped with thermal oven and temperature controller to ensure proper gauge installation.
    Accuratio strain gauge installation
    Accuratio strain gauge installation service

Accuratio is equipped with:

  • optical microscope capable of 3.5x to 100x optical zoom and lighting source to install miniature and microscopic size strain gauges.
  • thermal oven with computer temperature controller to properly cure any type of adhesive.
  • micro blasting air abrade equipment to prepare surfaces without any damage to the substrate material.
  • ESD protection tools to ensure safety of electronic parts and PCB’s.
  • gauge installation testing kit to verify proper installation.
  • fully equipped clean room to ensure safe handling of instrumented parts.

Our years of experiences in installing microscopic size strain gauges will enable us to help our clients with the most challenging strain measurement projects. We can undertake small one of projects for research or academia. If you’re a researcher or graduate student in engineering or science program and in need of strain measurement please ensure to contact us and find out how we can help you to complete your project. We have a special program to help graduate students and academia in engineering and science program with any strain measurement application to conduct a research.

from start of a typical strain measurement project we can help you to determine:

  • type of strain gauges that would best suit you project.
  • type of adhesive and installation that works for the temperature and material.
  • bridge completion and temperature compensation.
  • protective coating and wiring of strain gauges to obtain accurate measurement.


The Advantage of using ACCURATIO Custom Built Transducers

  • Accuratio can convert client’s parts and products into working load cells and transducers without any modification to the the part
  • Accuratio uses 3D CAD software and FEA simulation software to design and verify performance of custom built transducers.
  • Accuratio offers expert recommendations and consulting related to quantity, location and type of strain gauges for custom built transducers.
  • Accuratio can provide third party accredited calibration for custom built transducers.

when an off-the-shelf load cell can not be used, we can help our clients to convert an existing part to a transducer without any modification to it. using 3D CAD software and FEA simulation we obtain best location and type of strain gauges to be installed. Once the part has been converted to a transducer then we perform a calibration to ensure accuracy and linearity of the transducer. We also determine the mV/V output, hysteresis, zero load offset and temperature offset of the transducer if required.

Accuratio customized Strain Gauge Transducer design, production and calibration
Accuratio customized Strain Gauge Transducer Service

Our strain gauge installation service can convert existing parts to measure tension, compression, shear and torque loads with complete full bridge circuits. The transducer can be connected to any load cell monitor to measure and record load values in tension, compression, bending and torque.

We can also convert a part to a multi axial transducer if it’s required to measure and record multiple loads in different directions. For example a part can be converted to measure loads in 3 different axis or measure bending, tension and compression all at the same time.

Strain gauges also could be arranged and designed to measure specific loads while eliminating other loads. for example if only torsional load is required to be measured, strain gauge type, location and circuitry can be designed by our experienced team to eliminate any strain reading from side loads or bending while only the torsional and shear loads are obtained.

Accuratio customized strain gauge based transducer
Accuratio customized strain gauge based transducer

Please  contact us and find out how we can help you to convert an existing part to a transducer.