Advantage of Accuratio PCB Strain Gauge Installation and Test Service

  • Accuratio provides PCB strain gauge installation and strain measurement service for all types of PCBs on short time notice

  • Specialized in installation of micro miniature size strain gauges on PCB board per IPC/JEDEC guidlines

  • Stacked rosette strain gauges or planner rosette strain gauge 0.76 mm (0.03″ in) in length.

  • Equipped with high speed data acquisition system to measure dynamics strain and strain rate.

  • Live data interpolation and reduction for rosette strain gauges

  • Expert in installing strain gauges for high temperature and cryogenic application.

Accuratio provides complete PCB strain gauge installation and strain measurement  to test printed circuit boards and assembly per IPC/JEDEC specification.

PCB strain measurement is used to determine the principal strains and strain rate levels to which surface mount components will be subjected during assembly, test and operation .

It’s often required that PCB boards be tested for strain and mechanical loads during development. This will minimize the risk of cracks and failure of boards during production and transportation,.

Strain measurement is the only method that can reliably produce PCB performance data under mechanical loads.

Installing micro miniature sized rosette strain gauges on PCBs is a challenging task that takes many years to excel. A proper PCB strain measurement requires great attention to installation details and an experienced installer to avoid any probable installation error and consequent strain data error.  We  install stacked rosette gauges using optical microscope and micro sand blaster that are ESD safe. the installation is validated using strain gauge installation tool kit before testing starts. Accuratio will coat all installed gauges using proper coating material and techniques suited for the specific environmental condition.

Rosette PCB Strain Gauges

By installing stacked rosette strain gauges or planner rosette strain gauges, strain measurements are taken from discrete points on the PCB .  Each rosette strain gagues consists of 3 strain gauges that measure strain gauges in 3 directions independently.  The strain measurement using rosette gauges will provide:

  • Strain data at each grid (45º  or 60º apart)
  • Maximum and Minimum principal strains
  • principal angle
  • Shear strain

using acquired strain data from the rosette strain gauge a complete stress analysis can be performed for the PCB board that will identify any area of concentrated stress. these data can be used to modify the board, fixture or production method to eliminate any cause and concern of board failure.

PCB Bending Test Strain Measurement

Equipped with 3 and 4 points bending fixture, load cells and high speed data acquisition system, we can carry out PCB strain measurement and test service at our clients location.

PCB Board Strain Measurement Test - Flexural Bending Test
PCB Board Strain Measurement Test – Flexural Bending Test

We can test and record strain values to evaluate PCB performance for IPC-JEDEC 9702 (Monotonic Bend Characteristics of Board Level Interconnects) and JEDEC JESDD22-B111 (Board Level Drop Test for hand held electronic products).

If PCB board will be tested at any elevated temperature, then a thermal compensation plan will be determined and executed by our team to make sure correct strain data are obtained from mechanical strains.

in addition using obtained strain data and comparing it with IPC-JEDEC standards, a strain limit or strain rate limit can be developed to evaluate the performance or acceptance of the PCB board.

Accuratio PCB Strain Rate Measurement
Accuratio PCB Strain Rate Measurement Service

Accuratio, experienced in installing micro miniature strain gauges can provide full PCB testing per IPC-JEDEC 9704 guidelines. Our data acquisition system in combination of rosette strain gauges can be used to perform a complete stress analysis of PBC board and determine possible cause of PCB board failure.

we also carry full fixture and universal tension/compression test machine to perform 3 points and 4 points bending per IPC-JEDEC9702 requirements.  Bending and fatigue tests at client’s site can be setup wile measuring strain data using high speed data acquisition system.

Please  contact us to find out how our strain measurement and test service can help you perform a complete PCB strain test using state of art equipment and fully qualified personnel in the field.